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Take That, You Dirty Cockroach!

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | August 21, 2018

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Today was Landlord-Tenant Day in Arbitration.  They only have two of them in July and two in August.  The assembly room for litigants was packed to capacity.  Suddenly, a cockroach ran out into the middle of the floor.  To say that it caused an uproar is an understatement. All rise! Everyone snatched their briefcases and other baggage from the floor.

Cries of “step on it! Step on it!” were heard everywhere.  Someone actually gave it a heavy stomp, but there was no apparent effect. Perhaps it was because we were on carpet.  But no one was surprised. After all, cockroaches are indestructible.

It ran under the coat rack.  The coat rack was moved.  A woman tried to crush it with the rubber foot of her cane.  No luck. By then, I was rooting for the little fellow. And then the speedy insect just vanished into nowhere.

What an exciting story it had to tell back in the nest! Hundreds of giant monsters screaming and trying to kill me!

So how does a cockroach turn up on the seventh floor of the City-County Building with no obvious food supply? The building is 102 years old. Did some distant ancestor begin the upward trek a century ago?  One of those Great Mysteries of Life.


NOTE:  No, I am not attaching a photo to this post.  I’ve seen enough.


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