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Saturday Morning Meditation: Fighting Distractions in a Distracted World

No. 1,608 It is extremely difficult to avoid being distracted from focusing on a chosen task. But we all know that avoiding distraction is the shortest way to successfully completing a task.  In reality, it is the only way. The greatest thief is ubiquitous entertainment. We have allowed ourselves to be entertained all day, in […]

Job Shaming for Lawyers

No. 1,557 The former TV actor who played the son on the Cosby Show, Geoffrey Owen, was photographed bagging groceries at Trader Joe’s and publicly humiliated in the world media. But he courageously turned the situation around when he was interviewed on the national news.  Any job is a good job, he stated. He turned […]

Grading Your Day on Pass/Fail

No. 1,538 Here’s a simple idea I just now read in one of my favorite blogs, Early to Rise, which I often check at about 6 AM. Every evening, give yourself a pass-fail grade on your top three tasks of the day.  Of course, you select the list on the night before or early in […]

Starting Fresh

No. 1,532 We don’t know much about the future, except that it begins today. The Pittsburgh Pirates made it back to .500 late last night.  It took a 7 game winning streak to do it. Only ten games back they were at rock bottom. But today they are playing as well, maybe better, than when […]

What To Do With an Extra Five Minutes.

No. 1,526 From time to time you have five minutes to burn. You don’t want to just waste it.  So what can you do with an extra 300 seconds? Maybe more than you think. Here’s ten ideas:  Make a list; Check a list you have already made; Make a note on something you recently did […]

Intelligence is Like Beauty, in the Eye of the Beholder.

No. 1,506 A friend of mine, who is my age, has been tested several times recently for symptoms of dementia. He asked his wife why the tester always asked questions about the date, day of the week and the like.  “Is it important?” he asked. It was a good question for him, since he had […]

Make Layups, Not Three Pointers.

No. 1,467 We haven’t mentioned a favorite blog lately, Time Management Ninja.  So here’s a quick tip from Scott Jarrow’s TMN.

Growing the Culture of Winning.

No. 1,421 Pirate third baseman David Freese arrived at spring training and gave a candid answer to the question of the hour. What’s wrong with the Pirates?  He is quoted extensively this morning in the Post Gazette.  Here’s some of it: “My opinion is I don’t think we lost 87 games because [Starling] Marte wasn’t […]

Taking Notes the 21st Century

No. 1,412 Taking notes during the day really is a good idea.  You can’t remember everything.  You don’t remember some things correctly.  And sometimes, hopefully not too often, you don’t remember anything without consulting your notes. Effective note taking requires being organized — you have to have your act together.  Keeping track of notebooks or […]

Jury Duty, Doctor’s Waiting Rooms and Other Day Killers.

No. 1,406 WARNING: You are about to be exposed to a short sermon, but read it anyway. The other day, I heard a fellow complaining loudly about being called to jury duty while we were both in the dentist’s waiting room.  After I couldn’t stand it anymore, I looked up from my book and told […]

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