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Lawyer-Client Privilege Protects Us All

While a firestorm rages around the use of personal information voluntarily given on an insecure website, a much more serious issue is being raised by the raid on the office, home and hotel room of the President’s personal attorney.  This was accomplished after a judge heard argument by the Special Counsel, in private, that there was probable cause that such a raid would produce evidence of a crime. Of course, this was all done in secret, so we will not immediately know what was presented to the court.  Meanwhile, the Special Counsel has seized a treasure trove of documents, most of which have nothing to do with the Special Counsel’s mission. If it is later determined that the information was seized illegally, it will nevertheless be known to prosecutors, police and perhaps to the public.

Judicial Impeachment

No. 1,454 There’s an interesting post on the subject of judicial impeachment in the Brennan Center for Justice Blog. Impeachment of judges is rare.  Although it is not impossible to impeach a judge for his/her rulings, this has not been the practice. A group of members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly are seeking to impeach four […]

Thank you, Apple; #law

No. 1,247 Summary:  Apple deserves praise from lawyers for seeking to protect our privacy.  The security system which Apple refuses to compromise,  helps us fulfill our ethical duty to protect client information. Lawyers, like other professionals, have an ethical duty to protect client confidential information. While we have been told that any system can be […]

Update on “Redacted v Redacted”: Nothing to Report.

In this very unusual case, an attorney for a non-profit alerted the Attorney General’s Office of a potential diversion of funds by the non-profit client. This presents a unique ethical dilemma, because it is an apparent violation of the lawyer-client privilege.


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