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Encore Post: “Daylight Spending Time”

No. 1,230 Summary:  Don’t waste the hour you saved over the Summer. Do something worthwhile. First published on November 2, 2014 as No. 1,116 We’ve all heard others (not us) complain about how there are not enough hours in the day.  Well, once a year they get their wish.  Today, November 2, 2014 is a […]

Encore Post: Goldbeck Case.

No. 660   Goldbeck, McCafferty & McKeever PC is one of a handful of law firms in Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania that has handled thousands of mortgage foreclosures throughout the State.  However, the firm was delivered a severe blow in Bankruptcy Court this week.  Coverage of that matter brought to light a suit recently filed […]

Turning Three.

No. 643 This Thursday is the Third Anniversary of the first post on this blog.  I say this with pride, since most blogs don’t last so long.  Most authors simply run out of ideas or enthusiasm or both.  I run out of ideas, too — often.  But eventually new ones pop up. One reliable means […]

Encore Post: Don’t Be Bitter, Young Lawyer.

    No. 548 and 626 Dear colleague: Sometime when I wasn’t looking, a blog called Bitter Lawyer made it to the No. 2 spot on the AVVO Blogs — moving ahead of that blonde law professor from Wisconsin, Althouse.  It was inevitable. Althouse has been gravitating to shorter and shorter posts for years, until […]

Encore Post: Don’t Expect Privacy when Using Your Employer’s Email.

      No. 571 and No. 625 I’ve preached this sermon before, but its an important one. Don’t use the company’s email to send a communication containing your own private business.  That is, unless you don’t care whether the company and everyone else in the world finds out your secret. This principle was illustrated […]


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