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New Jersey Becomes 14th State to Permit Same-Sex Marriage

No. 994 In  the case of Garden State Equality et al v Dow, the New Jersey Supreme Court in effect affirmed a Superior Court decision holding that New Jersey’s Civil Union Act did not provide equal treatment to same-sex couples because a civil union does not confer the same rights as marriage. Since the claim […]

Cruel and Unusual: Does the Eighth Amendment Prohibit Unusual Public Humiliation?

The Eighth Amendment is about human dignity. Thats why we don’t have any stocks in the Courtyard of the County Courthouse. The Supreme Court, the United States Supreme Court that is, said that handcuffing a prisoner to a post was a violation of the Eighth Amendment in the case of Hope v Pelzer, 536 U.S. 730 (2002).

Columbus Day 2013

Columbus Day is about changing the world. It is about the unexpected breakthrough.The game changer.

The Lessons of Sports

No. 990 Spectator sports are, of course, a form of entertainment but unlike most other public performances there is no script.  So after all these years of frustration, the Pirates are finally hosting a playoff game at PNC Park. But that outcome was not scripted.  After two seasons where the team collapsed in late summer, […]

Where is the Credible Threat?

No. 979 Its gone. Congress would overwhelmingly defeat any resolution to attack Syria on any terms. So where is the motivation for Asaad to promptly negotiate anything promptly? Obama did gain one thing, though.  There won’t be any chemical attacks in Syria very soon. So in the end, the threat may have achieved its goal […]

σπεῦδε βραδέως (speûde bradéōs)

It was the Emperor Augustus’ motto: “Make Haste Slowly.” This phrase has also been adopted by various famous and not-so-famous people throughout history. Barrack Obama appears to be the latest.

We Have a Dream

No. 961 Fifty years ago this Wednesday the phrase  “I have a Dream” instantly became part of the American lexicon.  Rereading that speech, the best part of which was extemporized, it strikes me that his dream is now our dream. No reasonable person in 2013 could disagree with what King said on August 28, 1963. […]

The Google Glass Lawyer

No. 957 There was a lot drooling in the offices of Biglaw partners the other day when rumors started going around about Google Glass, the camera and so-much-more weararable computer.  It combines smartphone functions with a pair of spectacles.  It takes pictures, can make You Tube Videos of everything you see, project information from the […]

PLBT is Five.

No. 954 Its been five years already.  We are inching up to post No. 1,000 — less than 50 away. Sometimes it gets pretty hard to think of something to write about.  And sometimes it is even harder to write about it. But thats to be expected after 1,825 days. I received a piece of […]

Boston Strong

No. 946

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