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What is the Story Behind this Picture?

No. 1,548 A bear can run 40 miles per hour, you know.  And where was the photographer standing?

The Explanation to this Mystery Lies Beneath the Surface.

No. 1,541

What’s Your Question?

No. 1,540

Blog Updates

No. 1,535 Although the look has not changed much lately, this blog has been undergoing updates that should make it load faster and be less susceptible to machinations by those gremlins who have nothing better to do than cause mayhem.  The contact form has been updated.  It is a private communication, but if you want […]

On Leaving Your Cell Phone Behind

No. 1,534 JACK SEZ:  I never take my mobile phone to church.  If God calls me, it won’t be by phone.

Guest Post: Plutarch on Using Your Brain for Suitable Endeavors.

No. 1,530

Senator Elizabeth Warren is Running for President

No. 1,525 She spent the 4th of July in Iraq, visiting the  troups, touring Mosul, meeting with Iraqi officials — all the things a future Presidential candidate does.  Last election, Trump famously called her Pocahontas.  This time, he will probably be calling her Hillary II.  When that time comes, she will embrace it. You heard […]

Dinosaur Humor, according to Jack

No. 1,513     JACK SEZ:  Why is it quiet when a pterodactyl goes to the bathroom in the jungle? Because the P is silent.

Introducing Jack, My Senior Partner.

No. 1,513   JACK SEZ: When guile and duplicity fail, its time to roll out the brute force.

Question:Are the Russians Writing in Ads for the Pennsylvania Primary Campaign?

No. 1,490 Answer: No, the 2016 Russian ads are mild compared to the worst of this year’s home-grown ones. Campaign ads are becoming increasingly mean and often lack fairness and truthfulness.  But this year’s current crop in Pennsylvania exceeds the worst of the worst.  The Russian ads that appeared on social media in 2016, some […]

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CLIFF TUTTLE has been a Pennsylvania lawyer for over 40 years and (inter alia) is a real estate litigator and legal writer. The posts in this blog are intended to provide general information about legal topics of interest to lawyers and consumers with a Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania focus. However, this information does not constitute legal advice and there is no lawyer-client relationship created when you read this blog. You are encouraged to leave comments but be aware that posted comments can be read by others. If you wish to contact me in privacy, please use the Contact Form located immediately below this message. I will reply promptly and in strict confidence.

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