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Pittsburgh Legal Back Talk is Six Years Old.

Very few blogs are alive and well after six years. Several lawyers I know ran out of ideas after about 6 posts. Blogging is all about fresh thoughts. Where do they come from? Everywhere and nowhere. They come suddenly when you are not thinking about your next post.

“How Appealing” is also appealing to on-line marketers.

How Appealing is the word on appellate court decisions. For over ten years this blawg has been reporting about appellate cases. It is so well-known and so popular that you might make the same mistake Carol Elefant did in a recent post in My Shingle and go to the link “howappealing.com”. Whereupon, you will be offered a page full of links to things to buy.

LOL with “Lowering the Bar”

Kevin writes books, too, such as “The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance”. He assures us that this is a work of non-fiction and that all of the laws, ordinances, etc. in this book a real — or at least were before they were laughed out of existence.

Thank you, AVVO

AVVO, the organization that inter alia, provides the public with ratings for lawyers, has increased my rating to 10.0. That’s the ceiling for AVVO ratings. Thank you, AVVO.

Touring the Neighborhood: A Short Guide to the Most Visited Legal Blogs

No. 1,009   Avvo has a blog ranking based upon the Alexa ranking of various legal blogs.  Alexa ranks a large number of blogs and websites based upon the number of visitors. The top-ranked legal blog is now Avvo’s own Lawyernomics, with an Alexa Rank of 5,137.  That means that there are only 5,136 blogs/websites […]

Some Say Ghostwritten Legal Blogs Are Unethical, I Say they Are Boring.

There are a plethora of blogs that have obviously ghostwritten material, but don’t exactly claim to be written by the lawyer whose name is on the blog. They say something like “On behalf of the Law Office of [fill in your name].” Is that ethically ok? After all, the by-line explicitly says that somebody else wrote it. Right?

Third Chair Still Stuck on March 25.

No. 978 C’mon Third Chair! Do what you do best! Post Something Irreverent! Post Something Insightful! Post something! CLT

Brian Cuban, Pitt Law Grad, Law Blogger, Recently Published A Book About His Struggle With Eating Disorder.

No. 977 You know the name because he is the brother of Mark Cuban.  They grew up in Mt. Lebanon. Here is a link to a CNN post about Brian Cuban and his book about how he overcame his eating disorder:   “Shattered Image.” You may also wish to check out his law blog, The Cuban […]

Adrian Baron, the Nutmeg Lawyer, is Alive and Well and Living in Paris.

Yes, that’s Mona Lisa below– the Mona Lisa. In the Louvre. Image by Leonardo DaVinci. Of Mona Lisa, not Adrian. Photo of Adrian by Another Day in the Slums of Harvard.

Third Chair Pittsburgh: Where Are You?

Third Chair Pittsburgh had a unique and important mission. It was the voice of the disinherited lawyer. TCP was the one and only blog that spoke out for the many lawyers who were hanging on, just barely;. for those who scoured the want-ads every day while they tried to make a living working on doc review projects. There are too many of them and too easily forgotten. But Third Chair Pittsburgh never forgot.

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