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Free Thinker.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | January 15, 2012

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Those of you who are billed hourly by lawyers, have you ever seen a time entry for “thinking?”  I’ve never sent such a time entry or seen anything like it and I’ll bet you’ve never paid a dime for thinking time either.

Of course, I spend a goodly amount of time thinking about cases, strategies, etc. as I am sure all lawyers do.  Much of this kind of thinking occurs while performing physical activities like taking a walk, driving, cleaning the house.  Some of it occurs while lying in bed before falling asleep, i.e. sleeping on it; or just after waking up.  When I have a new idea, I often write it in my electronic journal.  Frequently, more ideas come and I continue writing. Many an idea has wound up in a blog post.  But the shelf life of a new idea is usually quite short.  If not committed to paper (or electric paper) within a short time, it slips away.

Serious thinking requires one vital ingredient — the absence of distraction.  You must have quiet.  Thus, if you always turn on a radio or television to (I’ve been told) keep you company, you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to think.  Instead of getting lost in your own thoughts, your mind is filled up with someone else’s thoughts. There is nothing wrong with listening to others.  What is wrong is abolishing any opportunity for quiet, reflective thought of your own.

Think about it.



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