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Turning Three.

No. 643 This Thursday is the Third Anniversary of the first post on this blog.  I say this with pride, since most blogs don’t last so long.  Most authors simply run out of ideas or enthusiasm or both.  I run out of ideas, too — often.  But eventually new ones pop up. One reliable means […]

Add “That’s Church” to Your Prayer List.

That’s Church is the most entertaining, if irreverent and often bawdy, publication in Pittsburgh. The title is derived from an expression (which I have never heard used anywhere else) that is supposed to mean “that’s the truth.” I think.

Encore Post: Don’t Be Bitter, Young Lawyer.

    No. 548 and 626 Dear colleague: Sometime when I wasn’t looking, a blog called Bitter Lawyer made it to the No. 2 spot on the AVVO Blogs — moving ahead of that blonde law professor from Wisconsin, Althouse.  It was inevitable. Althouse has been gravitating to shorter and shorter posts for years, until […]

From the Blogroll: 22 Tweets Interviews Italian (from Italy) Family Lawyer.

No. 619 Check out 22 Tweets from our blogroll in the left margin.  Here is the current post. @tsolignani April 26th, 2011 Tiziano Solignani Family Law Attorney Blogger Author of Guida alla separazione e al divorzio – Today we’re tweeting w/ @tsolignani: Italian lawyer, writer, blogger, dad, geek, Apple user @Tsolignani, thank you for joining us […]

Happy Birthday, Adrian Baron, April 29, ?

No. 613 And thanks for the present.   The Major Award has arrived.  It is everything it was advertised to be. It even plugs in and lights up — a real lamp. Of course, there are more important things to pay attention to, like the Windsor-Middleton Wedding.  Well, I guess that puts it all in […]

No. 600 and Going Strong.

No. 600. Another landmark.  It was only a little over 6 months ago (August 28, to be exact) that I interviewed Lance Godard of 22 Tweets on Twitter for Post No. 500. Godard had been interviewing lawyers who tweet from around the world about their practice on Twitter. This means that the answers must be […]

Still Bitter, but Nothing New.

Will someone please explain why Bitter Lawyer continues to hold the number two slot in the AVVO rankings when it apparently hasn’t posted this year? Typo was funny, but only the first time.

The uses of texting are limited only by your imagination.

NPR reports that a dive bar (their term) in Cambridge Mass has an app for you to text your waitress. Great idea. You never seem to be able to see the waitress when you are dying for water or need a dozen napkins in a hurry. Besides, Mr/Ms Boomer, she’s more tuned into receiving texts than noticing you waiving your arm off. Get used to it.

History in the Tweeting.

 No. 568 While reading [and sometimes retweeting] other lawyers’ tweets, I came upon what has become one of the most famous tweets of all times, it read:  “My 1st Congress on Your Corner starts now. Please stop by to let me know what is on your mind or tweet me later.” The account is still […]

Housecleaning in the Blogroll.

No. 566 I just finished removing about a half-dozen links from my blogroll.  Most of them have stopped posting. I am slower to add new ones these days. I added one new blog today.  Check out the Corrine Tampas Blog in the blogroll.  Very entertaining, good writing. A Pennsylvania lawyer worth reading. CLT

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