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No. 600 and Going Strong.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | March 16, 2011

No. 600.

Another landmark.  It was only a little over 6 months ago (August 28, to be exact) that I interviewed Lance Godard of 22 Tweets on Twitter for Post No. 500. Godard had been interviewing lawyers who tweet from around the world about their practice on Twitter. This means that the answers must be brief: 140 characters or less to be exact.  We turned it around, interviewing the master using the format he invented.

Since then, we have had a lot to talk about on PLBT.

First off, we relayed some practical suggestions on how to avoid bringing home bedbugs from your next trip.[ Post No. 501.]

On September 6, for Labor Day, we talked about the unusual work lawyers sometimes do on the way to their careers and how it helps make them better lawyers.[No. 504]

On October 1, we looked at the controversy over robosigners. [No. 509].

We continued to explore the title-related issues that were being generated with foreclosure problems. [513], [514] and [515].

On October 10, we talked about how Pittsburghers would soon be able to attend the World Series — as the only known copy of the TV broadcast of the Seventh game of the 1960 World Series turned up in Bing Crosby ‘s( a minority owner of the team) basement. [517]

On October 15, I wrote about what I had learned in a CMU study designed to determine whether computer games can improve mental function [519]  — a fascinating subject, more about that later.

“A Typical Day in Motions Court” [520]

“Mark Twain in the Electronic Age” [529] is about the publication of Mark Twain’s autobiography, an unexpected best seller. He instructed that it was not to be published until 100 years after his death, so it happened in our era, a very different time.

“Tenant Protection in Foreclosure Applies to Deed in Lieu” [524],November 6, 2011.

On November 30, we kicked off the Christmas season with a cautionary tale about business Christmas presents. “What a Thoughtless Christmas Gift!” [534]

On December 4, we reported on a case against foreclosure firm Goldbeck, McCafferty and McKeever that ties into the robo-signing controversy. [539]

On December 7 [540] we reported on an important decision in the Superior Court, holding that a complaint may be dismissed on preliminary objections when it doesn’t explain how an assignee came to own the mortgage.

On December 13, we reported about a major case in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court involving a suit by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh against J P Morgan Chase alleging that the mega-firm sold a portfolio of syndicated mortgages to the Bank that it knew had been deliberately selected because they were likely to fail. [541]

“Maintaining Secrecy in an Age of Transparency” [546] (Perhaps the best sermon of the season)

And of course, there was Governor Rendell:  “A Nation of Wussies!” [549] on December 28, as he exhorted Philadelphians to tough it out at the Eagle’s Game — to no avail.

And as 2010 drew to a close, we are only half finished.




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