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294/474: Looks Like a Law School Class Rank, Doesn’t It?

No. 561 Once in blue moon, I look at my AVVO blog ranking.  On January 6, 2011, PLBT placed 294th out of 474 blogs ranked by traffic.  That’s not quite in the upper half, but its getting there. So far as I know, however, PLBT is the number one legal blog in Western Pennsylvania. The Alexa […]

Please Explain . . .

No. 553 Would someone please explain to me: How Twitter makes money.  There is no advertising and no fees. Why so many businesses have set up Facebook pages.  Why not just establish up a website? Why the Winter Classic is such a big deal.  It is an ordinary regular season hockey game between ordinary teams, […]

And Now, from the folk that brought you Blog Law Blog, comes Tweet Law Tweets.

Blog Law Blog is a blog about the law of blogs. It is authored by University of North Dakota Law Professor Eric E. Johnson, who appears to have staked out this niche of intellectual property law. Now, in order to expand the reach of Blog Law Blog, Professor Johnson has just rolled out “Tweet Law Tweets”. Some of us only have an attention span of 140 characters for discussions of intellectual property topics. Tweet Law Tweets thus becomes the Blog Law Blog for the rest of us. They don’t call Twitter microblogging for nothing.

Don’t Be Bitter, Young Lawyer.

No. 548 Dear colleague: Sometime when I wasn’t looking, a blog called Bitter Lawyer made it to the No. 2 spot on the AVVO Blogs — moving ahead of that blonde law professor from Wisconsin, Althouse.  It was inevitable. Althouse has been gravitating to shorter and shorter posts for years, until she will eventually have […]

Nutmeg Lawyer is the Best Legal Blog in America, no kidding!

Just check out the testimonials. ABA Best 100 Blawgs for 2010!

But don’t take their word for it — read the blog yourself. Its more entertaining than anything you are going to find on television. And its free! Unless, of course, you want to read it on your Kindle. Then its $1.98. The new layout makes it even better than before.

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CLIFF TUTTLE has been a Pennsylvania lawyer for over 45 years and (inter alia) is a real estate litigator and legal writer. The posts in this blog are intended to provide general information about legal topics of interest to lawyers and consumers with a Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania focus. However, this information does not constitute legal advice and there is no lawyer-client relationship created when you read this blog. You are encouraged to leave comments but be aware that posted comments can be read by others. If you wish to contact me in privacy, please use the Contact Form located immediately below this message. I will reply promptly and in strict confidence.

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