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If you can’t make it to England this summer, perhaps Cambridge Mass. will do:

No. 950 From the Slums of Harvard Blog: Happy Summer solstice! How did you celebrate the longest day of the year? Taken by SlumsOfHarvard Many times I have been tempted to knock on the door of this house and talk with the owner of this this mini FauxHenge to ask if they would rent me their yard for […]

Sequester this!

No. 934 If you read Politico.com, you’ve been getting a steady diet of articles about the Sequester. Not that this diet has been all that tasty.*  The Administration is warning about plagues of locusts, asteroids and various other cataclysmic events occurring.  Of course, the President must not really believe the seriousness of his own predictions […]

Rumpole Redux!

We thought we had heard the last of Horace Rumpole, several times. Last time out (2005) he told us the story of the Penge Bungelow Murders, his great early case that put a very young Rumpole on the front page of the Sunday Times. He more or less said goodbye at the end of the book. But no — in his parlance, he keeps coming back like a bloody opera singer.

Screenshot: Thanks, Law is Cool.com

No. 864

Client Correspondence

No. 832     Thanks to The Lawyerist.

Overcoming Overwhelming Odds: A Case in Point.

No. 770 When it happens in New York it makes national news.  When much the same thing happened in Pittsburgh some years ago, it made local news. Yet something even more remarkable happened after the Pittsburgh event that didn’t make the news at all, a story worth telling. One afternoon, I was asked to help […]

Dear Free Lawyer — Answers To Legal Questions For Nothin’.

No. 729 Dear Free Lawyer: I have to make lots of trips to the bathroom due to one of those conditions that come with age. Am I entitled to get unemployment as a door to door salesman because I can’t do my job? — Frequent Flyer Dear Frequent: Don’t count on it.  For one thing, […]

No, this is not the Animal Planet Blog.

No. 718  I can’t resist posting this photo, origin unknown, that appeared in a blog called Kellypuffs today. If you go there, you’ll be rewarded by a haiku written for the event. Thanks once again to Meredyth for finding this item.  On this first full day of Fall, it is not too soon to start thinking […]


No. 716 So — I read in the Freakonomics Blog last week that I could ask questions  of  the authors of a book called Willpower. This sounded like a great idea, but I hadn’t read the book.  And so I clicked the link and bought the book, downloading instantly on my Kindle. In my excitement, […]

Creating Jobs 2011: A Modest Proposal.

No. 703 Everybody is talking about creating jobs. The President is going to make a major speech on the subject, which will be over in time for Thursday Night Football.   I’m here to tell you that we are already creating jobs at a furious pace.  What does an American do when he gets extra […]

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