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Creating Jobs 2011: A Modest Proposal.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | September 3, 2011

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Everybody is talking about creating jobs. The President is going to make a major speech on the subject, which will be over in time for Thursday Night Football.   I’m here to tell you that we are already creating jobs at a furious pace.  What does an American do when he gets extra money?  He buys something and stimulates the economy.  The world economy, that is.  Because he probably buys a bigger TV.  And as we all know, it is almost certainly made in China.

Of course he stimulates the world economy!  Because that’s the only economy there is. This is the 21st Century and the rules have changed.  Americans don’t make those big, big TV’s.  Nor could we.  We want the biggest TV for the smallest amount of money and that means Made in China.

However, in the event that you actually want to stimulate the American economy only, here’s an idea.  Sue people.  Although there has been talk of offshoring legal work to India, the truth is that that doesn’t work.  Those guys are schooled in English Law, don’t understand our culture and can’t appear in American courts anyway.  When it comes to the American legal system, Americans have the corner on the job market.

Lawyers are consumers, too, you know.  They buy stuff.  And some of it might, by accident, be made in America.



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