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Dear Free Lawyer — Answers To Legal Questions For Nothin’.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | October 3, 2011

No. 729

Dear Free Lawyer:

I have to make lots of trips to the bathroom due to one of those conditions that come with age. Am I entitled to get unemployment as a door to door salesman because I can’t do my job?

— Frequent Flyer

Dear Frequent:

Don’t count on it.  For one thing, you have to give your employer a chance to make a reasonable accommodation to your condition — like making you a bathroom attendant.

But don’t give up.  The frailties of age are offset by experience.  As your need for urination increases, so does your knowledge of where the bathrooms are located.

— FL

Dear Free Lawyer:

I’m going to take a cruise to Bermuda.  Is it safe to stow a little cannibis in my cabin?  After all, if we never take it off the ship, who’s going to know?

— Coral Reefer

Dear Coral:

Not unless you stow a lot of cash in the purser’s safe, too.  Bermuda brings sniffer dogs on board to find your pot and the cruise lines let them do it.  Consider it a donation to the policeman’s welfare fund.

Dear Free Lawyer:

I’ve been thinking about having a contest for employees in which they guess the next one to be fired. To improve moral.  Can I get in trouble for this?

— Boss of the Month

Dear Boss:

Can you say “hostile work environment”?

Dear Free Lawyer:

I sure would like to get in on that Marcellus Shale leasing.  But the deed to my farm contained a reservation of gas.  Am I outta luck?

— Hard Times

Dear Hard:

Maybe not.  The Superior Court has put the question whether the owner of oil and gas owns the Marcellus Shale Gas up for grabs.  It may be that the owner of the shale owns the gas in it.



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