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What if all the world was against you except one person? Who would you want that person to be?

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | February 19, 2018

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That’s the situation that Nicholas Cruz finds himself facing.  Of course, it is of his own doing and he has already confessed.  Under our system of justice, however, he has a right to competent counsel, even if he cannot afford it — which he can’t. We do this, not to give him some undeserved chance, but to be as certain as we can that we have it right.

I heard some criticism that his court-appointed public defender hugged him on the shoulder at the moment they walked into the arraignment and the full force of what was happening must have washed over him like a tidal wave.  In that moment, she told him that she was on his side.

There is nothing wrong here.  That’s her job.  If you or I were dragged into court, wouldn’t we want to know that the lawyer representing us was diligently working for us?   I would.

Nicholas Cruz is not going to escape justice (or whatever modicum of it may be possible in a circumstance like this) because he is represented by counsel.  The system works best when both sides are properly represented.

Being a public defender is a mostly thankless and poorly compensated job.  But, for our criminal justice system to work properly, somebody must present whatever defense there may be and do it properly.



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