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The Real House of Cards

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | February 29, 2016

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Summary: The real-life drama unfolding before us is just as exciting as House of Cards.  New episodes of both will be released this week.

Image: idigitaltimes.com

Image: idigitaltimes.com

Well, the next season of House of Cards will be available to binge watch once more beginning this Friday March 4.  But this year it has competition. The 2016 Presidential Campaign is easily a match for any work of political fiction that there has ever been.

At this moment, Donald Trump, a living character every bit as compelling as the fictional Frank Underwood, leads the polls in most of the States voting on Super Tuesday, March 1.  With a sweep he can lock up the nomination. He has broken all of the rules and somehow, they don’t matter. Opponents’ attacks do nothing to stop the jugernaut of Teflon Don 2.  But what is lurking in the shadows?

On the other side, Hillary Clinton, a living character as fascinating as Frank Underwood’s wife Claire, should be riding the wave.  While she has just won a smashing victory in South Carolina, the polls show that too many people regard her as duplicitous.  Pesky Bernie Sanders, who literally appeared from nowhere, will not be strong enough to deprive her of the nomination.  But the fissures that have been opened may well keep her from attaining the prize. Meanwhile, the FBI continues to investigate her email and she can’t shake off questions about Libya or the unchecked rise of Isis. Yet, history has taught us not to underestimate the Clintons.

The Country is mesmerized. We wait breathlessly for each new episode, while the wheel of fortune slowly turns.


Afterthought:  Don’t be so consumed with politics that you miss the conclusion of Downton Abby next Sunday Night.



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