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Trump’s secret was hiding all along in plain view.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | November 10, 2016

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Image: gapundit.com

Image: gapundit.com

In the past two days, I have read a ton of articles and watched an army of talking heads expound upon various theories to explain the Trump triumph at the polls.  Undoubtedly, many stars had to come into alignment to create this remarkable constellation. But one beacon outshines them all.

Trump had the extraordinary ability to make interesting speeches — so interesting that he filled large arenas wherever he went.  This phenomenon became evident early in the primaries. And during the frantic final weeks, it served him well as he raced from one battleground rally to the next, filled to the overflow.

As Hillary was luring voters to her rallies with entertainers, Beyonce, JZ and the like, Trump didn’t need a concert to pack the house.  He was the celebrity in chief. And he didn’t need a media consultant to teach him how to attract television coverage. The news channels couldn’t get enough, because their viewers couldn’t get enough. And all he did was stand up and talk.

Now, that doesn’t mean that everybody loved him.  Those who swarmed to his campaign events obviously did, but according the polls, most TV viewers didn’t. Yet, they still watched his campaign speeches, perhaps because they wanted to be the first to know what blasphemy he might utter next. Yes, he was and still is the master of the art of being unpredictable.

Its a great gift, for certain — but not entirely rare. Many of the best trial lawyers have it, each in his/her own way. Lincoln was one.  He could disarm an opponent by telling a well-timed funny story. I’ve seen the dark mood in a criminal trial evaporate when defense counsel tells a well-timed joke at the expense of his client.  And I’ve also heard a courtroom become deadly quiet when trial counsel drops an unexpected idea at an unexpected moment.

Is the best yet to come? Stay tuned.






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