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Old Dogs/New Tricks and Other Bunk We Tell Ourselves.

No. 1,135 It is hard to think of an old adage that is more disempowering than this one. It is a negative idea, intended to discourage old dogs from even trying to learn something.  In a rapidly changing world, this leads to the marginalization of some of our most experienced and capable people. As a […]

Who Said “To Ask the Question is to Answer It?”

I thought it was Learned Hand, a famous Chief Judge on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals . I said so at least three times in prior posts. Wrong!

Oliver Wendell Holmes Biographer Discusses the impact of the Civil War on the Great Jurist.

If your interests include history, read the post about Oliver Wendell Holmes in SCOTUS Blog. Holmes was wounded twice, including on the bloodiest day in American history, the Battle of Antietam.

Saintly Lawyers

This event reminded me that we haven’t seen the canonization of a lawyer for quite a few centuries. The patron saints of lawyers and judges are St. Thomas More and Saint Ives. Both were great men and worthy patrons of the profession. But why are there no saintly lawyers recognized by the Church who lived in the past five centuries?

An Unobserved Landmark

Justice Michael Angelo Musmanno died on Columbus Day, October 12, 1968. But his name is still on the door of his chambers, 45 years later. This door is located on the Eighth Floor of the City County Building, on the upper level, where the Office of the Board of Viewers is now located.

Observations by Lincoln; fresh as tomorrow.

No. 914 A client sent me this by email:

The Most Outstanding Presidential Resume Ever.

No. 865 What President of the United States had perhaps the most outstanding resume?  No, not Obama — not even close. George H. W. Bush, who was Ambassador to China and Director of the CIA, as well as a decorated war hero, ranks high. So do Jefferson, Madison and the two Adams Presidents. Garfield was […]

Death of Dr. Sam Astorino, Law Professor

No. 834 The following remembrance of Dr. Sam Astorino, who died recently, was posted in the Duquesne Law Alumni page of Linked in.  Click here for the Post Gazette Obituary.

Happy Birthday to a Great Lawyer.

No. 728 ‘Strange as it always seemed to many of his contem- pories Gandhi also carried with him to his dying day the legal outlook which he had imbibed during his early youth when he had studied law in a lawyer’s office in London. This unusual combination of the saint and the lawyer made him […]

From the Blogroll

No. 666 Time Management Ninja: What You Should Have Done Last Night. My Shingle : Century Solo. 22 Tweets: David Morgan, LLB. Nutmeg Lawyer:  Incorporating QR Codes into Your Practice. Real Lawyers Have Blogs:  Lawyers Can Establish Trust With Their Target Audience Online. That’s Church: State of the Bandwagon.   CLT         […]

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