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Happy Birthday to a Great Lawyer.

No. 728 ‘Strange as it always seemed to many of his contem- pories Gandhi also carried with him to his dying day the legal outlook which he had imbibed during his early youth when he had studied law in a lawyer’s office in London. This unusual combination of the saint and the lawyer made him […]

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No. 666 Time Management Ninja: What You Should Have Done Last Night. My Shingle : Century Solo. 22 Tweets: David Morgan, LLB. Nutmeg Lawyer:  Incorporating QR Codes into Your Practice. Real Lawyers Have Blogs:  Lawyers Can Establish Trust With Their Target Audience Online. That’s Church: State of the Bandwagon.   CLT         […]

The Founding Fathers and Slavery.

So, Michelle Bachman is being called a non-leader by some for making a statement that the Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to abolish slavery. When pressed about it, the only example that she could come up with was John Quincy Adams. Whereupon, she drew a certain measure of ridicule by certain persons tho declared John Quincy not to be a founding father. The critics were willing to admit that JQA worked to abolish slavery, though.

Remembering Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes on Memorial Day — Wounded in Battle, he Lived to Fight Again.

No. 623 As we commemorate those who died in service of our Country this weekend, I wish to bring to your attention that the great Oliver Wendell Holmes was wounded three times in the Civil War, but lived to make a singular contribution to American law. The so-called bloodiest day in American history, the Battle […]

A Great Name.

No. 621 Lawyers:wouldn’t it be great to have a name that everybody knows and remembers? Some do, you know.  There are lawyers who are actually named Abraham Lincoln — or at least its part of their name. How many Abraham Lincolns do you think there among American lawyers living or dead? How does that stack […]

Don’t Miss Seeing Garrow’s Law.

Garrow’s Law

GARROW’S LAW, is a gripping legal drama, which has appeared on the BBC, set in late 18th Century. It is a fictionalized account of the early career of Barrister William Garrow, who flaunted the conventions of the day by vigorous and confrontational questioning of witnesses.

Joe Flom.

The WSJ Law Blog reports that Joe Flom, the lawyer who made an art form of the hostile takeover, died at 87. He was the firm’s first Associate at the present Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom in 1948 and is given major credit for turning the firm into one of the world’s largest and most lucrative.

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