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Beware Visiting Anybody’s Campaign Websites If You Are Worried About Data Mining.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | April 12, 2018

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Marginal Revolution warns that the Facebook campaign website of Senator Patrick Lahey, who vigorously interrogated Mark Zuckerberg, is engaged in the same kind of of data retrieval and use. If true, chances are that Senator Lahey didn’t even know about it, because those details are generally left to consultants they hire. I have read comments that the Congresspeople demonstrated their ignorance of the mechanics of data mining during the interrogation and let Mr. Zuckerberg off the hook.

I’ll go out on a limb and predict that similar revelations are forthcoming about other political websites on both sides.

Once you get on a political list, your name will be passed around, especially if you make a contribution. If you are contacted by a so-called pollster, be aware that the poll is probably partisan and they are collecting data about your political beliefs for future use by their client, not to determine public opinion.  Do not talk to pollsters.  Tell them to take you off their list. It doesn’t hurt to act mildly cranky about being disturbed, either.

The same goes with the door-to-door variety.  Once more, they are probably studying you, not public opinion. You can be polite, but not too polite.  “Get off my lawn,” may be a little over the top.



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