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Proving You Are Who You Say You Are.

No. 871 Pennsylvania has joined a group of states who are requiring photo ID to vote.  A guest post on the Jonathan Turley Blog summarizes the critic’s position. Proponents say that this measure will prevent voter fraud.  This objection has some merit.  When voters die their registrations are not generally revoked.  Nor are the registrations […]

Don’t Say it — Olym — Shut Up!

No. 858 Here’s a little puzzle for you to solve.  What organization is trying to protect its exclusive right to use a word that is about 4,000 years old?  And at the same time trying to deter unauthorized use of their ridiculous logo. Here are the pieces to the puzzle.    Answer below.  

Answer to Puzzle

No. 857 The Answer for the puzzle. But don’t tell anybody.  You might be sued for trademark infringement. CLT

Theology and the Presidency

No. 812 Perhaps Rick Santorum made a mis-statement when he used the word theology when criticizing the Obama Administration’s approach to social issues.  But, if so, it is a mistake that reveals a defective mindset. Government is a secular institution.  Policies should be established based upon what is deemed to be the greater good for […]

Half Mast

No. 811 New Jersey officially mourned the death of Whitney Houston yesterday, the day of her funeral, by directing that flags be flown at half mast.  Pennsylvania did the same for Joe Paterno.  Purists have pointed out that neither was qualified for what is essentially a military honor. So what is anyone to do about […]

The Four Game Winning Streak.

No. 805 Excuse my impertinence.  I refuse to get all stirred up predicting who is going to win on Sunday night.  I noticed during dinner that ESPN was overanalyzing the situation, as normal.  Could the Giants get to Brady?  Was Brady intimidated by something or other? I forget what.  Then they ask everybody down to […]


No. 804 Newt Gingrich has been taking some heat over suggesting that the United States plan to establish a permanent settlement on the Moon.  You would think he had suggested colonizing a couple of countries in the Middle East. What is so crazy about planning a lunar colony?  It makes a lot more sense, in […]

Reassessment 2012: Look at the Court Ordered Reassessment Website for New Values and Comps.

No. 798 This morning the County downloaded City and Mt. Oliver values and comps on the new website entitled “Court Ordered Reassessment Values.”  Check it out. CLT

Can You Say “Megaupload”, Boys and Girls?

No. 987 Try adding a hyphen: “Mega-upload.”  Aha! This Japan-based internet giant was recently shut down by the FBI on charges that its file-sharing service was enabling users to share copyrighted material in vast quantities.  And the head honcho of Megaupload, who has the intriguing name “Dotcom” was arrested and is being held without bail […]

When Did Two Former Speakers of the House Run Against Each Other For President?

No. 792  In 1844, James K. Polk and Henry Clay, two former Speakers of the House of Representatives, ran against each other for President.  Since Polk, there has never been another former Speaker elected to the Presidency. Clay ran for the Presidency in the general election twice and lost two other times in  nominating conventions. […]

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