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Can You Say “Megaupload”, Boys and Girls?

No. 987 Try adding a hyphen: “Mega-upload.”  Aha! This Japan-based internet giant was recently shut down by the FBI on charges that its file-sharing service was enabling users to share copyrighted material in vast quantities.  And the head honcho of Megaupload, who has the intriguing name “Dotcom” was arrested and is being held without bail […]

When Did Two Former Speakers of the House Run Against Each Other For President?

No. 792  In 1844, James K. Polk and Henry Clay, two former Speakers of the House of Representatives, ran against each other for President.  Since Polk, there has never been another former Speaker elected to the Presidency. Clay ran for the Presidency in the general election twice and lost two other times in  nominating conventions. […]

Reassessment 2012: Does Rich Fitzgerald Really Believe His Own Message?

No. 787 According to today’s Post Gazette, Rich Fitzgerald says that he will let the current reassessment go through once there is a uniform statewide reassessment program. He says it is unfair for Allegheny County to have assessments based upon current sales data, while the other counties use historic data that, in some cases, is […]


No. 781 Having entered into a new year, it seems, so far, to be a lot like the old one.  We started it off with another hardly perceptible earthquake, just like last year.  And another big windstorm, just like many recent years.  The Steelers are in the playoffs. Just like last year. Everybody knows that […]

Reassessment 2012: Fudge Factor?

No. 780 Just a thought: Is the increase in the land component of assessments a way to fudge assessment increases in neighborhoods or locations where the assessors think values should be rising? If so, don’t accept any fudge that is half-baked. [Apologies to King’s Family Restaurant  for the photo.]   CLT  

Reassessment of the Reassessment by Fitzgerald — Too Little, Too Late?

No. 777 When we wrote “Christmas Reassessment” (below at No. 774) we gave Rich Fitzgerald credit for being shrewd enough to pass a one mill tax increase this year — before the assessment year in which increases would be limited to 105% of the prior year, at least in theory, by Act 146. However, to listen […]

Christmas Reassessment

No. 774 The County Assessors really do have a heart.  They tried to keep from delivering the first batch of reassessment notices  before Christmas.  But Judge Wettick would have none of it. I must admit, I didn’t initially give Rich Fitzgerald credit for shrewd thinking.  It was puzzling that the County Council rushed to pass […]

Pelosi Ethics

No. 768 So, according to news reports, former Speaker Pelosi threatened to reveal 1,000 pages of records from the House EthicsCommittee when it investigated Newt Gingrich. Dumb, dumb , dumb!  Its just like the who-dun-it character who, in Chapter One, threatens to kill the poor bastard who is eventually murdered in Chapter Two or Three. […]

Understanding Leadership.

No. 757 Several of the Republican candidates for President were asked what 20th Century President belongs on Mt. Rushmore. All of them said Ronald Reagan. All except one, that is. Newt Gingrich said that FDR belongs on Mt. Rushmore.  A significant answer.  He alone was able to look past policy and ideology and recognize great leadership. […]

Is Gingrich the One?

No. 752 Listening to commentators on the Republican field, there seems to be a consensus that Romney is the only complete candidate in the group, ready to head a national ticket. But Romney, who is well-financed and well positioned, has troubled the party’s base, who don’t seem to trust him. The inability of other candidates […]

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