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Bowing to the Right

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | August 11, 2012

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Republican presidential candidates usually have a delicate balance to achieve.  They must stake out a position that is moderate enough to attract independent voters and disaffected Democrats.  But they must at the same time mollify the party’s right wing.  So Bush 41 brought on board an unknown Indiana Senator (Dan Quail) who caused him many problems. And last time, Sarah Palin provided that ingredient.

So now its Rep.Paul Ryan. It may turn out to be a brilliant choice.  Ryan should solidify the party, in the way it happened four years ago with Palin.  But, being the prime architect of the plan to establish a deficit-ending budget, he does carry some political baggage.  Expect Obama to raise fears of that Social Security and Medicare will be gutted with senior voters in Florida, Pennsylvania and elsewhere.  Unlike Quail and Palin, he brings with him a specific record that will provide plenty of material for attack ads.

On the other hand, he may be smarter than Quail and Palin combined. He may also turn out to be as good as Palin on the podium and  will be a far better Vice-Presidential debater than either. I’ll bet he can spell, too.



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