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You can cite Non-precedential decisions for persuasive value, starting in May.

No. 1,674 The Superior Court has prohibited citation of non-precedential decisions for some time.  Unfortunately, there are a substantial number of them.  The Appellate Rules Committee, however, has amended the Rules and comments to permit citation of all non-precedential appellate cases for their persuasive value, beginning in May 2019.  This follows the practice of the […]

You, the Witness.

No. 1,623 You raise your right hand and swear an oath to tell the truth.  Then you have a prolonged conversation, in front of everyone, with your lawyer.  He/she asks questions, you answer. It seems simple enough.  But here are a few things you should know and keep in the front of your mind.  You […]

Give me a break department: What self-respecting dog would put up with wearing this?

No. 1,622 What’s the side pocket for?  Poop bags? Treats?

Waiting in Line for US Supreme Court Argument is a Profession.

No. 1,621 If you want to sit in the gallery at the Supreme Court for oral argument in important cases, you may have to arrive early. That is, 48 hours early.  Students are paid by somebody with a strong interest in cases involving religious liberty to hold places.  There are only 250 seats available to […]

Unintended Consequences: Eastern Texas may Become a Tech-Wasteland

No. 1,620 Marginal Revolution picked up a rumor that the two Apple stores located in eastern Texas will be closed and noted that they happen to be located in the favorite forum of patent case plaintiffs. “In 2016, Marshall, Texas with a population of only 24,000, was home to an astonishing 25 percent of all […]

Who is Soliciting Whom?

No. 1,619 Robert Kraft and numerous others are charged with “soliciting” at a Jupiter Florida massage parlor.  The police were running a sting operation for the purpose of shutting down several businesses that were fronts for human trafficking operations.  Obviously, the real perpetrators are the owner/operators of the enterprise that was engaged in providing prostitutes […]

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi: Fire Sale on Steeler Jerseys Bearing Numbers 26 and 84.

No. 1,618 The purveyor of authorized professional team jerseys, Fanatics, has announced a big sale on Jerseys, most of which bear the name and number of Bell, with a few Browns. Here’s three of many.

Whose watching the Store at Ask Avvo? Nobody Home But Us Robots.

No. 1,617 I’m a big Avvo fan.  They have a Q&A feature where people can ask questions to lawyers and get answers.  I participate in it and answer lots of them.  However, the intake, as far as I can discern, does not have a human moderator. A computer evaluates the question and assigns it to […]

Being In the Emergency Business

No. 1,616 The country is now enthralled in a discussion regarding whether a porous Southern border constitutes a national emergency.  A common definition of an emergency is a serious condition that requires immediate action. Whether the open expanses along the national border constitute an emergency under a 1976 statute will now be addressed by the […]

Sunday Morning Meditation: the Bird of Paradise

No. 1,615 Pirate pitcher Chris Archer is a rare bird.  He has a mindfulness coach who sends him messages like this Zen proverb: “The bird of paradise lands only on the hand that does not grasp.” Archer is not likely to ever forget this maxim, nor will it stray from his mind for very long. […]

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