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Renoir, Beethoven and the Power of Publicity

No. 1,223                 Some guy named Geller (no, not Yuri) has been complaining about the Renoir exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Art.  He has an Instagram site called “Renoir Sucks at Painting”  in which he is calling on Bostonians to join him in a picket line […]

Legal Elite! I’ll Take Ten!

No. 1,213 I have received emails more than once offering me the opportunity to be recognized as a member of the Legal Elite of Florida.  Of course, I don’t practice in Florida and how in the heck do you define “Legal Elite”?  Of course, if you have dumb clients, they might be impressed.  My clients […]

Give Me A Break, Kevin Durant, Esquire.

No. 1,125 Sprint is responsible for one of the most idiotic commercials on TV today. Kevin Durant is a professional basketball player, not a lawyer. He jumps up in court and demands that cell phone bills be cut in half.  Then he does it — to the other lawyer’s exhibit.  The gallery goes wild.  The […]

The Unwanted Referral

One of the nicest, kindest things a lawyer or any professional can do is to use his/her knowledge to refer a friend in need to the right specialist. You hear the story, it clicks and although you cannot help, you know someone who can.

Trademark Protection: Parody With A Bite.

Maybe top management thinks that the comparison with zombie food will turn stomachs. I don’t. Actually, come to thing of it, I haven’t had a good sub in a while.

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