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No. 1,327         Yes,Greek, ancient Greek, that is (νίκη). Yes, it means victory or conquest. Yes it is the same word as the Greek Goddess that we call Nike. But which victory is referenced on this particular carving? If you think you know, give me the answer in the comment box in the […]

Who Is the Worst President?

No. 1,307 Every few years on President’s Day, somebody conducts a survey of history professors to determine the rankings of Presidents.  Lincoln always wins and Washington is always second.  The two Roosevelts follow behind. There hasn’t been much movement in these top ranks.  James Buchanan has been ranked at the bottom of this poll.  The […]

Now that we’ve deposed McKinley, lets rename Mt. Rushmore.

Who was Rushmore anyway? A nobody. He was an attorney who used to come to that location to hunt. Look it up.

“The Roosevelts”, Ken Burns’ latest documentary on PBS is a story of conquest of personal demons.

No. 1,104 Making time to watch “The Roosevelts”, Ken Burns’ latest PBS production, for two hours every night for six successive nights required a certain amount of planning and self-discipline.  For me,  it was worth it. Yes, it was about politics and policies — sometimes still controversial and still evoking strong emotion.  But this was […]

September 8: A Day of Distinction

It should not pass without notice that on September 8, 1974 President Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon. That was 40 years ago. Thus ended the Watergate era.

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