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How long can the Democratic public counter-memorandum remain redacted?

No. 1,428 The whole point of intelligence/counter-intelligence is obtaining secret information and keeping it secret.  In an effort to rebut a prior (unreacted) memo released by Chairman Nunes of the House Intelligence Committee, the minority (pronounced Democrats) released a response which the White House would not approve, for National Security reasons, without serious redaction. The […]

The Founding Fathers and Slavery.

So, Michelle Bachman is being called a non-leader by some for making a statement that the Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to abolish slavery. When pressed about it, the only example that she could come up with was John Quincy Adams. Whereupon, she drew a certain measure of ridicule by certain persons tho declared John Quincy not to be a founding father. The critics were willing to admit that JQA worked to abolish slavery, though.

A Great Name.

No. 621 Lawyers:wouldn’t it be great to have a name that everybody knows and remembers? Some do, you know.  There are lawyers who are actually named Abraham Lincoln — or at least its part of their name. How many Abraham Lincolns do you think there among American lawyers living or dead? How does that stack […]

Only the Names have been Changed to Protect the Innocent.

Every Pittsburgh lawyer has been approached by people with too-ethnic, unpronounceable or slightly ribald names who, after much angst, decide to select a new one. Usually, they select an anglican equivalent to their foreign language surname. Some change their first names, too. Fact is, they are only trying to fit in.


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