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Repost from the Ninja on Reliability.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | November 19, 2011

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This post in Time Management Ninja is so important, I am reposting it, rather than simply suppling the link. I cannot add one word to the message.


Ever have someone ask you to do something… and then you forget?


Does it happen more than once? Is it the norm?

Are you known for being unreliable?

Who Are You Letting Down?

We all have a time management reputation.

What is yours?

Your productivity and performance proceed you…

– Are you known as the one that people can’t count on?

– When something absolutely must get done, does the boss seek out someoneelse?

– Are you expected to be late?

If so, you may be letting down not just yourself, but those around you.

5 Reasons You Aren’t Reliable

Can people count on you?

Or are they more likely to think you will let them down in clutch situations?

Ask yourself, “Do others consider me reliable?”

Here are 5 Reasons that People Don’t Count On You:

  1. You Are Late – Are you always the last to arrive? Do you hold up the meeting? Don’t be the one that delays the entire group. Be the early bird, it can have a dramatic impact on your reliability.
  2. You Don’t Meet Deadlines – People don’t expect you to finish work on time, well because, you don’t do it very often. Deadlines are set for a reason. Make sure that you meet your deadlines.
  3. You Forget Todos – When your boss or partner asks you to do something, do they have to wonder if you will remember it? When something is important, write it down. Keep your todo list front and center. Here are 10 ways to fix your todo list.
  4. You Miss Appointments – Do you stand others up? For meetings? For important appointments? Don’t be afraid of your calendar. It can be your best friend and should have your back to let you know when you need to be somewhere.
  5. You Drag Down the Productivity of Others – Procrastination is contagious. So are bad habits. You may be a bad influence in your workplace. Are you the one who hijacks meetings? Talks for hours at the water cooler? Or spends more time gossiping than working?

Be Reliable

Your productivity not only affects you, but those around you.

Don’t underestimate your impact on the team.

Be the one that others can rely on.

Make sure your time management reputation says that people can count on you.

Do others consider you reliable?


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