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499: PLBT Celebrates its 500th Post by Interviewing Lance Godard, host of 22 Tweets!

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | August 24, 2010

No. 499

I wanted to do something unique and memorable for post number 500, which is coming up next.  So, I asked Lance Godard, who interviews lawyers who tweet on one of my favorite websites, 22 Tweets, for an interview.  That is, me interviewing him on my blog, Pittsburgh Legal Back Talk.

In case you have never read a 22 Tweets “twitterview”, just go down the left column of this blog a bit until you run into it in the Blogroll.  You won’t find too many managing partners of megafirms or high rollers who make the Wall Street Journal Law Blog being featured  in 22 Tweets.  But you will find some very interesting and dedicated lawyers, individuals who are making a difference in their corner of the world. They generally advertise and  promote their practice on the web, often in blogs and always with Twitter. Since Twitter limits everyone to 140 characters per tweet, answers are the soul of brevity. One great 22 Tweet answer of a few weeks ago, reprinted in PLBT: Sending resumes is like buying lottery tickets.

After so many great twitterviews, it was only fair that somebody pose a few questions to Lance. I have 22 of them in mind.

As with 22 Tweets, you can catch the interview live on Twitter by going to the #22twts page on Twitter at 4 pm EDT.  Or for those who still don’t tweet, come here on Tuesday evening and read No. 500.

Thank you all for reading, and sometimes commenting these last 499.  I pledge to do everything I can to make the next 500 even better.



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