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An Encounter with the World’s Worst Liar.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | June 29, 2012

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I came out of the bank this afternoon and beheld a Lexus backed into my rear bumper with its owner closely peering at the damage.  I had been in the bank for quite a while but came out to get my phone at just the right moment.

at that point, the other driver had the audacity to accuse me of backing into his car.  He said he remembered the space I was occupying was empty when he drove in. I told him that was quite impossible, since i had been inside for at least a half-hour and had driven through the empty space his car was now occupying.  I also pointed out that he was pointing the wrong way in a one-way driveway and that from the angle, he had quite clearly backed into the space.

He protested that he couldn’t have backed into me because he had a rear camera device that tells him when he was about to back into something.  Later in the discussion he actually repeated this assertion, but I could tell he was beginning to realize that this was not helping his case.

As it happened, he had put an ugly dent in his bumper, while mine had narry a scratch. After a minute of thought, he quickly drove away.

I momentarily considered exchanging information.  But I decided to let him go. He would probably try to lie his way out of the situation, forcing me to bring along three tellers and two customers as witnesses.



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