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An Old Idea is New Again: Borrow from a Community Bank or Credit Union!

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | February 7, 2009

Posted by Cliff Tuttle

Spring is in the air, interest rates are becoming more attractive every day and a young man or woman’s fancy turns to thoughts of refinancing that mortgage. Good idea. And here is another good idea to go with it.

When you pay off that Countrywide/Wells Fargo/Bank of America — you name it — mortgage loan, the one that was re-sold immediately on Wall Street, don’t go back to the same old place. This time, go to a Community Bank or Credit Union, preferably one that keeps its own residential loans in portfolio.

They still exist, you know. You don’t have to look very far. You probably pass a half dozen branches of Community Banks or Credit Unions on your way to work. None of them are getting bail-out money from the government. And if you check their financial statements, you will almost certainly find that they don’t need it. Community Banks and Credit Unions are, as a group, safe and sound. For the most part, they had nothing to do with the conditions that created the meltdown of ’08. But they probably have a great deal to do with bringing about economic development and home ownership in the town where you live. So why not do business there? Why not indeed!

Nothing is inherently wrong with big banks. There are even several with deep roots in Pittsburgh that are in excellent financial condition. They perform vital roles in arenas that smaller financial institutions cannot. We need them, but we need Community Banks and Credit Unions just as much. Do business with a Community Bank or Credit Union and you’ll be doing a favor for yourself, your family and the whole neighborhood.



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