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An Unwelcome Truth About Domestic Violence.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | July 26, 2009

Posted by Cliff Tuttle (c) 2009

“Never stir the home fire with a sword.” — Plutarch.

In the book, “A Clockwork Orange”, a violent teenager of a future era was given the opportunity to be released from incarceration if he agreed to an experimental operation, one that permanently made violent and aggressive behavior impossible. Of course, once released, he became the victim of malefactors who knew that he could not fight back.

The Forum Section of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette ran an opinion piece on July 26, 2009 entitled “Women Beat Up Men, Too.” The author points out that legal institutions operate on the assumption that domestic violence consists overwhelmingly of male violence against women. However, there are studies indicating that domestic violence is just as likely to be initiated by the woman as the man.

Yes, there are violent men who do not hesitate to physically harm women. And yes, many of them harbor the antediluvian attitude that a man has a right to discipline a woman. However, there are also men that were taught as children never to strike a woman and they can be as defenseless when a domestic quarrel turns violent as the protagonist in “The Clockwork Orange.” Strength is easily overcome by a weapon and there are many in any household.

Much has been made of the reluctance of a battered women to report or prosecute. However, consider the situation from the male perspective. What man wants to admit that his wife beats him? This is a declaration to the world that he is weak and not very manly. If shelters for male victims of domestic violence existed, few if any battered men would go there.

And men, even those who endure domestic violence, have pride.



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