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And Now the Defense . . .

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | March 18, 2012

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From the media accounts it sounds pretty grim for Senator Jane Orie.  A gang of witnesses, including her ex-chief of staff have testified that campaign work was being done in the office on state time. On top of the evidence at the first trial, there is the forgery evidence — although nobody knows who is responsible for the apparent forgery.

Another difference — the Senator’s sister Janine is to be tried separately.  Perhaps this is due to evidence that she erased some of the forgery evidence from the Senate computer system after the first trial.

But don’t overlook the possibility that the defense could put in a winning case.  After all, at least some of the prosecution witnesses are testifying against the Senator to save their necks.  Moreover, if the jury thinks that Janine and others did campaign on company time, but possibly without the Senator’s knowledge, or gets a whiff of the aroma of political vendetta, an acquittal could be in the cards.  And Senator Orie is expected to testify in her own behalf. I hear that she was very convincing in her first trial.

And never forget, the standard for conviction is beyond a reasonable doubt.

Its possible.  Ask Cyril Wecht.




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