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Attorney Gerry Elman on copyrighted Photos

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | August 12, 2008

Posted by Cliff Tuttle

I came across an outstanding answer to a question on Avvo (the website that rates lawyers) that is worth sharing. Gerry Elman is an intellectual property lawyer from the Eastern end of the Commonwealth. That means patents, trademarks, copyrights, technology and the internet. If you read some of the linked material, you will find that he has been involved with some very intriguing (and challenging) matters.

If you didn’t know, photographs can have copyright protection. The royalties paid for photographs in magazine stories often exceed the fee paid to the author. As Gerry Elman relates, even sketching a figure from a photograph, when done for commercial purposes, may require the artist to obtain the legal right to do so.

Gerry has provided links to extensive references, for those who may want or need to go into great depth. However, he asked me to warn you that the links were somehow shuffled when AVVO posted his answer and the first four links actually refer to links 3 – 6 as originally posted. The fifth link is actually link 7. The sixth link is link 1 and the seventh link is link 2. Got that?

If you need to straighten out the links or ask any more profound questions, you can call Gerry at 610-892-9942.

Now for the AVVO Answer: Click here.



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