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No. 700: We Haven’t Forgotten.

No. 700 The Martin Luther King Memorial was to be dedicated this past Sunday, the 48th Anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” speech.  The hurricane forced a postponement of the dedication ceremony .  The new date has not yet been announced.  It will not be Sunday, September 11, 2011. This Sunday will see the dedication […]


The President declared today that the United States always was and stills is AAA. As a Nation under siege, every one of us should strongly and vocally stand behind that proposition. Our leaders should stop bickering and stand as one, and loudly proclaim: “USA AAA!”

Mike Doyle and the Terrorist Tea Party.

No. 669   Mike Doyle is a Democratic Congressman who represents parts of the City of Pittsburgh and much of the eastern end of Allegheny County.  Most of the time he is so quiet you don’t even know he’s there.  However he made the big time today.The place was a Democratic caucus called to consider […]

A Time to Step Forward.

The country was confronted with the first great constitutional crisis in its short history. The presidential election of 1800 had been thrown into the House of Representatives. The Constitution provided that if no candidate achieved a majority in the Electoral College, the election would be decided by the House of Representatives. But after numerous votes, the House proved to be deadlocked.

Is September 11 Just an Ordinary Day Yet?

The Country had been in shock. People sat in front of their televisions, gaping in disbelief, for days. It took a month for life to return to normal. But it did, and now we are approaching ten years out.

The Anniversary of the First Great Battle of the Civil War: Manassas.

No. 653 150 Years ago this week, the first major battle of the Civil War occurred near Manassas Virginia.  It was the place where Stonewall Jackson gained his fame and name. The federal troops seemed to have carried the day.  But when the Confederates broke their flank, a disorderly retreat to Washington turned into a […]

The Continuing American Revolution, 2011

We held these truths to be self evident on July 4, 1776, but ironically we are still exploring what these truths might mean in 2011, 235 years later. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The story of American Law has been the story of this quest and it shows no sign of completion. It is the story of the individual vs. the state, the many vs. the few; the powerful vs. the powerless. The outcome may seem self-evident in hindsight, but it is never so while the struggle is joined.

The Founding Fathers and Slavery.

So, Michelle Bachman is being called a non-leader by some for making a statement that the Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to abolish slavery. When pressed about it, the only example that she could come up with was John Quincy Adams. Whereupon, she drew a certain measure of ridicule by certain persons tho declared John Quincy not to be a founding father. The critics were willing to admit that JQA worked to abolish slavery, though.

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