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The Continuing American Revolution, 2011

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | July 4, 2011

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We held these truths to be self evident on July 4, 1776, but ironically we are still exploring what these truths might mean in 2011, 235 years later.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The story of American Law has been the story of this quest and it shows no sign of completion.  It is the story of the individual vs. the state, the many vs. the few; the powerful vs.  the powerless. The outcome may seem self-evident in hindsight, but it is never so while the struggle is joined.

The battlegrounds in 2011 include security in the age of terrorism; marriage and childrearing in an era when the traditional family is no longer the norm; privacy in a time when information is instantly available, to name a few. The outcome is neither foreordained or clear.  As the world changes we come to see the unchanging  foundation principles from new perspectives.  We get lost, find the way and get lost again.

Lawyers and their clients are privileged to play a role in this Continuing American Revolution. And just as in 1776, History is watching.


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