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Common Level Ratio Down (slightly) in Allegheny County

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | July 9, 2017

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Every year the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue announces a new common level ratio, effective July 1.  It is a factor multiplied by the assessment which gives a calculation of the fair market value for purposes of paying realty transfer tax when a deed is recorded for no or nominal consideration. It is created by taking a random sample of transactions and computing the ratio of the sales price to the assessment in each case and then computing the average.

The current ratio is 1.4.  That means, if the assessment of a vacant lot is $10,000, you multiply it by 1.4 to get a fair market value of $10,400.00.  Of course, if the property is sold in an arms length transaction, you use the sales price, not the CLR, to compute transfer tax.

Last year, the CLR was 1.5.  It has been creeping up since 2001.  It was 1.00 in 2001, right after the reassessment in that year.  In 2000, just before the reassessment, the CLR was 5.24.

Not all Counties have rising CLR.  In Armstrong County, which hasn’t had a reassessment since 1997-8, the ratio is 2.11.  In the assessment year, the ratio was set at 2.00.

Westmoreland County, which hasn’t reassessed in many years, the CLR is 6.17. And in Washington County, which just completed a reassessment, the CLR is 1.00.




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