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Daylight Spending Time

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | November 2, 2014

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Image: wordstrumpet.com

Image: wordstrumpet.com

We’ve all heard others (not us) complain about how there are not enough hours in the day.  Well, once a year they get their wish.  Today, November 2, 2014 is a 25 hour day. Of course, we have been saving it since Sunday March 9, when we all had a 23 hour day.  But for what?What are you going to do with the 25th hour?

Common answers: 1. Sleep. 2. Loaf. 3. Watch TV (especially football).

Not acceptable.  You do those things every day.  You owe it to yourself to spend an hour on something unique and different — something you wouldn’t do if you didn’t have that 25th hour.

But what? Here’s a few ideas.

– How about learning something?  Not just anything, mind you.  Perhaps, something important that has been kicking around in your brain. Or something useful that you ought to know.

–  How about planning something?  No, not your ordinary to-do list.  Instead, think of something that you won’t plan and you should.

–  How about taking inventory?  Again, not an inventory you regularly do.  Find something important that you don’t regularly inventory.

– Adopt a new habit.  Yes, that’s right.  What should you be doing habitually, perhaps daily, that you don’t do?

– Pray. Gratitude is a good start.

– Do a good deed.  Charity really does begin at home, by the way.

– Spend it with your family. (The default choice when you come up blank on the others.)

But whatever you do, don’t waste it.



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