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Do You Know Who Sancho Panza’s Master Is? To #Amazing Race Producers and Contestants, its Trivia.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | December 13, 2010

No. 541

None of the six contestants (three teams of two) did on the season finale of the Amazing Race. All of them had to ask someone along the way to retrieve the answer (which was a clue) from the internet.  This included the two young female doctors who won the race.

Amazing Race is by the far the best of the reality television shows. Contestants, in teams of two, race around the world, performing tasks in order to make it to each pit stop and finally to the end of the race.  Successful competition requires physical fitness, stamina and the ability to solve problems quickly.  Sometimes (very occasionally) it requires general knowledge, too.

It is instructive to see how different people solve problems and perform physical tasks.  It is also very enlightening to observe how different people react to luck, opportunity, disaster and annoyances.  Some allow personality conflicts, the need to assess blame, emotions, squeamishness  and other distractions to hold them back from achieving their goals.  Others fail to follow directions, lose things (like luggage or passport) or walk when they should be running.

It sounds a lot like reality, doesn’t it?

The next series, starting February 20th, 2011, ought to be especially good.  The contestants will all be audience favorites who didn’t win in past episodes.  Some of them were very good players and it will be an education to see what some of them do with a second chance.

Oh yes, the first modern novel featured Don Quixote de La Mancha, the knight errant, and his noble squire Sancho Panza.  But you knew that.



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