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Backtalk Requested: Bonusteria.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | March 20, 2009

Posted by Cliff Tuttle

If there is anyone on earth who thinks that it was justifiable for AIG to pay its last round of bonuses, that person is being very, very silent. The public rage was instantaneous, unanimous and monumental.

So, answer a few simple questions:
1. How did the AIG employees who earned bonuses qualify for them?
2. What benefit did AIG derive from the efforts that earned the bonuses?
3. Are the people who received the bonuses earning more money for AIG than the value of the bonuses? How much more or less?
4. Can AIG find people to replace the bonus-earners who will make as much or more money for AIG without being paid a bonus?

What? Not a clue?

Then why are you so outraged?

The AIG bonus babies might be the geese that laid the golden eggs. Remember that story about Ross Perot? He reportedly earned the maximum annual commission on sales in January and then, rather than be paid nothing for the rest of the year, quit.

Ask questions. Get the evidence.

Then, go ballistic.

Back Talk requested.



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