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Good Show, Whitelocke!

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | May 30, 2010

There are a lot of interesting people out there in the world.  I just ran into one of them on Twitter.   This morning T.B. Whitelocke, K.C. of Australia, author of  the book and blog “Lawmanship, 3d Edition” showed up as a follower of PittsburghLegal.

I’d been hoping to find someone who could fill the void left by the retirement from letters of Horace Rumpole, sealed forever by the death of John Mortimer, his creator.  Perhaps Whitelocke will be the one. Like Rumpole, he was never able to achieve his secret ambition (an open secret) to wear the scarlet (or is it purple?) of the bench.  Although from his designation of “K.C.” he seems to have achieved that lofty designation over 60 years ago, before the crowning of Queen Elizabeth.  Rumpole never was permitted to call himself “QC”, being the oldest junior barrister at the Bailey and therein lies the key to why Whitelocke will never be judge.  If you ever intimate to the powers to be that you are smarter than they are (even though it is manifestly true in court) they will never bestow any power on you, the troublemaker.  Rumpole at length created his own appellation: “CT”.  Counsel to the Timsons, that large family of petty criminals that provided so many of his cases and so much of our enjoyment.

In the latest chapter of Lawmanship, 3d Edition, Whitelocke explains how he has turned his natural hair into a judicial wig — lemon juice and curlers — so that he can maintain the appearance of a supreme barrister 24/7, wherever he goes.  This must be a breathtaking sight.

I might just read the book, provided of course, that I can find A$20.00. Meanwhile, Lawmanship,3d Edition, the blog goes on the blogroll of Pittsburgh Legal Backtalk.



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