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Goodbye to the Maven’s Maven.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | October 2, 2009

Posted by Cliff Tuttle (c)2009

It would not be proper to fail to mark the passing of William Safire. Among the many famous people who left this earth in 2009, he was arguably the smartest.

What a career! Presidential speechwriter. New York Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner. Author of fiction, non-fiction and tireless disector of our language. He could be pithy and funny at the same time.

Among his many books was a little-remembered novel published in 2000 called “Scandalmonger.” In it he drew word portraits of Jefferson, Hamilton and their contemporaries that were so vivid it seems as though he had known them, just as he had known presidents and other leaders of our age.

He was a contradiction that worked. Politically partisan but brutally frank, even when it hurt his own espoused causes. Scholarly but endlessly entertaining. Traditional but up-to-the-minute, even trendy. Safire could surprise you by knowing things you wouldn’t expect a Nixon Republican to know. He was endlessly curious and thoroughly analytical. And he wasn’t afraid to make very specific predictions and own up when he was wrong.

When he retired from the New York Times panel of Op Ed contributers, the paper added David Brooks as its nominal conservative. I say “added”, because William Safire could never be replaced. Never.



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