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How to File PO’s to an Arbitration Case in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | March 13, 2010

Unlike General Docket civil cases, where it is necessary to go to motions court to file preliminary objections, (1) you start at the Arbitration Office on the fifth floor of the old County Courthouse to obtain an argument date.

(2) While there, determine whether it will be necessary to postpone the scheduled hearing.  If so, get a green form and jot down the available dates from the calendar on the wall. The unavailable dates are marked in yellow. You will need to obtain opposing counsel’s consent to a postponement and file it later, for a fee of $10.00.

(3) Go to the Department of Court Records on the first floor of the City County Building and visit the cashier.  File your PO’s and Brief and pay the $30.00 first filing fee, unless of course you have already paid it.

(4) Serve opposing counsel.

(5) Discuss postponement of the case with counsel.  Determine whether he/she  intends to argue the PO’s or file an amended complaint. You may be able to agree on a consent order to present to Judge Wettick at his Friday arbitration motions to allow a specified number of days to file a complaint.  This is also one way to postpone the hearing date without paying the $10.00 fee.

(6) Present the consent order.



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