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If You Want Me To Read Your Book . . .

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | August 2, 2009

Posted by Cliff Tuttle (c) 2009

. . . publish a Kindle edition.

Books take up room on the shelf, in a carrying case, everywhere.

If I download your book to my Kindle, it won’t stay on the shelf. I won’t have to remember to take it with me to a place and time when I can read. If I have my Kindle, I have your book with me. I’ll read it. Probably not today, but I’ll read it.

Books cost real money and take real time to read. Kindle gives me a free sample so I can decide whether to commit scarce time and money to a particular book. While the Kindle price of $9.99 is still a significant investment (especially when I may be able to buy a used paperback on Amazon.com for much less), I’ll pay it for a book I have made a definite commitment to read.

When I want to read a book, the first thing I do is check the Kindle website. If its not a Kindle book, I send Amazon an email from the box provided in the lower left hand corner.

I may also check with Audible.com (another Amazon.com franchise) to see if there is an audiobook. Audiobooks are great time utilizers. You can listen at many times when you cannot read. This includes time spent on dog walking, driving, housework and other mindless activities we all must do.


FOOTNOTE: One of my favorite blogs has a sidebar called something like “Things we were not paid to endorse.” Consider this post in that category. Jeff Bezos deserves mega-accolades for making the world a better place than he found it. Atta Boy, Jeff!

FOOTNOTE #2: Kindle offered the book “Free” by Chris Anderson free of charge for a little while recently. It will cost its regular Kindle price if you look for it now. As part of the same special event, I was able to download a number of old classics like Anna Karenina by Tolstoy and the Sherlock Holmes stories, also free. Thanks to this, I now have a nice little library on Kindle, assuring that there will always be something to read if I have waiting time, dead time, down time or just want to read something a little different.



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