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Lawyer Remembered for Returning Phone Calls — 70 Years Ago!

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | March 16, 2010

Adrian Baron, who writes one of the best legal blogs in America, the Nutmeg Lawyer, recently announced the 70th Anniversary of his law firm, Podorowsky, Thompson & Baron, where he practices in New Britain, Connecticut.

He told how a bank teller had startled him by remembering that the firm’s founder had been her grandfather’s lawyer.  How did she remember such a long ago fact?  She remembered that Mr. Podorowsky had returned her grandfather’s telephone calls.

Get that: her grandfather was so pleased to have his calls returned by his lawyer that he told others.  His granddaughter, who was probably eavesdropping on an adult conversation, remembered it.  What does that tell us, lawyers and clients, about the importance of returning telephone calls?

That’s right.  Returning calls is really important. I have been to a number of seminars on how to practice law over the years and the presenters always emphasize the need to return calls.  If you can’t return a call within 24 hours, they say, have your paralegal do it.  Then follow up when you can.

Of course, you could be really proactive and call clients before they call you. In the “Reluctant Rainmaker” by Julie A. Flemming, she suggests such a program for client communication:

“Unless a client specifies that she wants very little communication, you might consider implementing a policy that you will reach out to each client by telephone on a regular schedule, perhaps once or twice a month.  . . . By checking in with each client on a regular basis, you make certain that the client understands exactly what is happening with the matter and knows what to expect in terms of next steps.”

So, to quote Adrian, “Now if you excuse me, there are a few phone calls I need to make.”



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