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Message to Scotland: There are Defences to the Driving Ban, Laddies and Lassies!

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | July 31, 2009

Posted by Cliff Tuttle (c) 2009

Among the more interesting (pronounced weird) robotic comments I have been getting these days from across the Atlantic are a series of short messages in the form of advertising copy from a group of lawyers in Scotland who specialize in assisting ex-motorists whose driving licenses (or whatever they call them there) have been suspended.

I’ve been flushing all of them, of course. (Not the licenses, the comments) But I decided to save one in case there is a Scotsman or woman reading this blog who would be interested in learning whether a defence could be argued by an enterprising barrister that might lift the driving ban against him or her.

The only Scottish lawyer I know is James Boswell, but he hasn’t taken a case since his “Life of Samuel Johnson” became a best seller and the last address I have for him is a little old. So, if you live in Scotland and would like to drive again, send me a comment and I will put you in touch with somebody (not Boswell) who just might be able to help. (But maybe not, no guarantees.)

I have, however, met a few Irish lawyers. Or more correctly, I have spoken to them on the telephone. I once tried to hire a notary public in a little village in central Ireland to drive about a mile outside of town and obtain a signature on a deed from a lady in a nursing home. Either every lawyer-notary in the town was fully employed (it was the now-expired era of the Celtic Tiger) or none of them cared to work that hard. I suspect the latter. By the time I called, it was mid day in Ireland and I noticed that most of the bar had usually left for the day. They were probably all gathered round at Clancey’s Pub, trading stories about the dumb solicitor from Pittsburgh who was calling all over town trying to hire a notary.

So, anyway, Paddy was driving down an Irish road when a police constable stopped him.

“Did ye know that your wife fell out the door of your car about a mile back?” the constable inquired.

“Praise the Lord!” Paddy exclaimed in a loud voice. “I thought I had gone deaf!”



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