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Perry Marshall

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | November 5, 2011

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 Pittsburgh Radio pioneer, Perry Marshall died tonight.  He was best remembered for doing the overnight show on KDKA Radio.  He had a great knack for conversation.  No politics, no controversy — unless you considered notch babies’ Social Security benefits to be controversial. The” average age of Perry’s audience” was — according to Doug Hoerth, who sometimes filled-in for Perry — “deceased.”

If he and Andy Rooney are waiting together outside the pearly gates tonight, it would be a dialogue worth hearing.  They’d talk about how easy dying was, how different from their expectations and then give tips about communicating with loved ones back on earth.   Before long, they would everyone in line swapping jokes about various people arriving at the pearly gates.

PERRY MARSHALL:  Here’s one — I guy comes to the pearly gates and St. Peter says, “Since you haven’t been to church in 50 years, you’re going to have to answer a question.  Where was Jesus born?”

The man thought for a long time and finally said: “Philadelphia.”

St. Peter said that he was sorry, but that was not correct and he would have to go to the other place.”

But the man cried and sobbed and asked for another chance so that St Peter was moved to pitty and gave him another chance.

“Pittsburgh!” cried the man with great enthusiasm.

He was starting to leave, when the man turned back and said: “You are certainly not going to send me away for all eternity without knowing the answer.”

So, St Peter told him the answer — Bethlehem.

“I knew it!”, the man exclaimed. “I knew it was in Pennsylvania!”



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