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Pittsburgh Legal Back Talk is 235th most visited law blog

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | February 13, 2009

Posted by Cliff Tuttle

Avvo informed us that Pittsburgh Legal Back Talk is currently the 235th most visited on its list of Top Legal Blogs. This is based upon the rankings by Alexa, the Web Information Company. On February 12, 2009, Alexa gave PLBT a traffic rating of 3,276,329. That means that there are 3,276, 328 sites with more traffic. No. 1 rank by Alexa is Yahoo.com, No. 2 is Google, No. 3 is You Tube.

The No. 1 Law Blawg is the Volokh Conspiracy with an Alexa Traffic Rank of 38,322. No. 2 is Above the Law, ranked at 42,184. There are six sites among the Avvo Top Legal Blogs that have Alexa ratings above 100,000. Brian Cuban’s blog (brother to the Dallas Mavericks’ colorful owner, Mark Cuban and a lawyer in his companies) just misses the Alexa top 100,000.

For perspective, No. 200 on the Avvo list is Michigan Collections Law Blog with an Alexa rank of 2,397,228. Law Links Health Links (Avvo 250) ranks at 3,945,863. Law Library Letter (Avvo 300) is ranked 8,062,469 by Alexa.

Avvo’s No. 349, the last on the Avvo list with an Alexa rank, Qui Tam Help, comes in at 27,991,255 with Alexa.

Thanks to Avvo and Shalini Gujavarty, Avvo’s Legal Community Manager, for helping to bring Pittsburgh Legal Back Talk to the attention of legal blog readers. Thanks to all of you for reading.



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