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Political Ads

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | February 22, 2018

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The Achilles heel of advertising, and political ads in particular, is that they are constantly being rebroadcast. Over the course of re-listening you have an opportunity to think about and evaluate what is being said.  Statements that might sound ok, if heard once, often fail to withstand even mild scrutiny.

Ads sponsored by the national committees are especially vulnerable.  The overall tone is usually mean-spirited.  The obvious appeal to bias is, upon reflection, insulting.  Do they really believe I think like that?

They say that attack ads work.  Maybe they do in many cases.  But they also have the disadvantage of repeating the name of the opponent.  After repeated viewing, I actually learn the names of candidates that were unknown to me and quickly forgotten on the first few repetitions.

However, there is one ad being broadcast in the current cycle which I think stands head and shoulders above the others.  I won’t tell you which candidate put it out because this blog does not give endorsements.  The message is, in my opinion, both fair and persuasive. It points out that the candidate has unique training and experience that would qualify him for the job he seeks.  Although the ad doesn’t say so, it is clear from the way it is presented that his opponent is unlikely to have a matching qualification.

Of course, one good ad does not a better candidate make.  But it certainly hits the bulls eye.



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