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Posted By Cliff Tuttle | January 19, 2010

Posted by Cliff Tuttle (c) 2010

– The New York Times is about to go back to charging for access on the web, according to Althouse. As she points out, that will kill all of the blog links, which must bring it many readers.  Nobody will put a link in a blog post to a site that requires  membership.

Slate reports that a Silicon Valley gossip blog Valleywag offered prizes for evidence relating to the supposed Apple Tablet that rumor says will be announced in 10 days. Apple says it doesn’t have a tablet, but it nevertheless doesn’t appreciate the intentional interference with the confidentiality agreements between it and its employees and will sue over revelation of trade secrets.  If you are interested in the subject of trade secrets and non-compete agreements, visit the West Virginia Business Litigation Blog.

– The Freakonomics Blog reports a study that attempts to quantify the value of the Minnesota Vikings to Minneapolis residents as $530 per person, as a kind of psychic income.  This valuation was greeted with brickbats in the comments section. One commenter from Minnesota said that he would gladly sell his share to Los Angeles for $400 per year.

Althouse says that Obama didn’t have anything particular to say about Martha Coakley, Democratic candidate for US Senate, when he flew up to Boston to give an endorsement speech. Of course, the point wasn’t Coakley anyway, it was the mystical 60th vote for cloture on health care.

– In more Coakley news, a poll by Politico purportedly shows her in free-fall, not because of health care, say the pundits, but because of prosecutions of innocent people during her tenure as Mass. AG.

– Speaking of  senators, what do you get when you cross an ex-Senator from Tennessee and an ex-Senator from Illinois?  And why does a Haitian eat only one egg? The answers are in the comments.



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