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Rainy Days.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | August 7, 2011

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I heard on the weather report this morning that the next four days will bring rain.  The cheerleaders who report the weather on TV work on the unspoken assumption that lots of sunshine is the only recipe for a beautiful day. Not so.  Rainy days are beautiful, too.

If we wait for the weather to change before we are permitted to be happy, how much happiness do we lose in a lifetime? Negative thinking keeps us from being happy and everything that goes with it.

The same thinking applies to economics. The weather report for the economy is calling for rainy days long into the foreseeable future. They love to scare us with the R word. When someone uses the phrase “in this economy”  he is expressing the same brand of negativity as the weatherman.  Why even try?  All it will do is rain on you!

Yet, some of the largest and most prosperous businesses in America were started during the Depression. “Bad” times create opportunities. Change creates opportunities. And the good news is that change is happening at an ever increasing pace.

Don’t let the weather people, the talking heads or anybody else tell you how to experience life.  Life is not a group  experience.  It is personal. Make your’s a positive one.



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