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The Good Shepherd and the Lost Sheep

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | September 24, 2015

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SUMMARY: The Papal visit to America is, above all else, an evangelical outreach to lost sheep who want to be found.

Image: saltandlightly.org

Image: saltandlightly.org

The press coverage on the papal visit to Cuba and the United States was extremely interesting.  I actually heard a commentator express the opinion that the Pope went to Cuba first because he shares the ideology of the Cuban regime.

Well, maybe she was asleep in the pew on Sunday morning when the Gospel passage was read about the shepherd leaving the flock to search for one sheep that was lost.  Cuba officially left the fold almost sixty years ago.  The news photos of Fidel and Raul Castro each engaged in earnest conversation with the Holy Father, in my opinion, said it all. Such a tableaux would have never happened in the early days of Communist Cuba.

Just as these two old men are ready listen, so perhaps is the Cuban nation.  Pope Francis did Cuba a singular favor by mediating the secret negotiations to re-establish diplomatic relations with the United States.  Now it is pay back time.  And don’t believe that this Pope is so nieve or unworldly not to know it.

And now he is in America.  A different story, perhaps, but not totally.  There are a large number of lost sheep here, too.  And it seems to take an event such as this to cause us to reflect on things we should have known anyway. With the prosperity of the Twentieth and Twenty-first Century has come a culture of materialism.  It is invisible, like air.  But it affects us all.

One essential factor in the shepherd-sheep story is easily overlooked.  The Shepherd can come looking, but the sheep must want to be found.  Francis is betting that there are many millions of sheep on this continent who want to be found.



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